Pros And Cons Of Video As A Marketing Tool

Pros And Cons Of Video As A Marketing Tool<br />
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May 2023

Pros And Cons Of Video As A Marketing Tool
Video marketing can be a powerful marketing tool. Video marketing uses video to share a law firm's marketing message. A law firm can use video to educate targeted audiences, raise awareness of topics and issues, sell their legal services, increase online engagement, and retain current clients. There are benefits and drawbacks of utilizing video marketing as a tool for your law firm.

Benefits of Video Marketing
Videos can be used to advertise and highlight your expertise. Stories come to life on the screen and leave memorable impressions on viewers. This media platform allows you to discuss legal problems and offer real-life solutions. There are a slew of benefits to using videos as a marketing tool. Some common benefits include video enhancing the user experience, video conveying personal stories, consumers expecting videos on websites, and more.

Video Enhances the User Experience
Text can be boring, especially when there are a lot of legal terms being discussed. A video enhances user experience and makes the text come to life. A video can be more meaningful and memorable for your audience.

Video Conveys Personal Stories
Your story can be told via a biographical video. Potential clients can learn why you became a lawyer and how you can personally help them. You also have the chance to display who you are, your firm's brand, and how you have successfully helped other clients. A personal touch may often lead to quality leads.

Consumers Expect Videos on Websites
Most people use the internet to purchase goods and services. They spend a lot of time watching videos online. They expect videos to help them understand either products or services.

Video is Engaging and Prolongs Website Visits
Visitors will remain on your website longer to finish watching interesting videos. SEO will increase with longer engagement times on your website.

Video is Memorable
Learning is often visual. Many people need to watch something before they understand it. A video helps to demonstrate concepts more effectively than text. It is often more effective for a potential client to watch a client testimonial than to read a review. It is more personal and may be more memorable for the viewer.

Video is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool
Video will provide a good return on your investment. It is affordable and mayl help to convert website visitors into paying clients. It is becoming increasingly popular and will continue to evolve as a viable and cost-effective element of a successful marketing strategy.

Videos Can Be Created Quickly
You only need a cell phone and webcam to create and post a video to your website. Making a video is often quicker than writing a blog. You can even convert your blogs to video blogs (vlogs), allowing you to quickly engage with potential customers.

Videos Integrate Well With Other Marketing Strategies
Videos can be added to blogs, social media channels, posts, and even as a QR code on your business cards - how cool is that? Video is an innovative way to drive traffic to your website and demonstrate your expertise and law firm brand.

Potential Risks of Video Marketing
Videos have benefits, but there may also be risks or concerns about adding videos to your marketing plans. Some risks might include loading issues, distractions, unprofessional appearance, and more.

Videos May Lead to Loading Issues
Additional video bandwidth is needed, which could cause issues when your webpage loads. Visitors may leave or bounce to another site when images, videos, or text take too long to show up on a page. Poor loading can leave visitors with negative impressions of your website.

Videos Can Be a Distraction
Videos that autoplay may annoy and distract users. This may cause prospective clients to leave your website and move on to a less distracting website.

Videos May Appear Unprofessional
A video done quickly on the phone may hurt the professional reputation of a law firm. If a video looks like there was not much thought put into it, a visitor will disregard the professionalism of the law firm attached to it. This could lead to high bounce rates and a lack of quality leads.

Videos Can Be Costly
Most videos are cost-effective and provide a great return on investment, but they are not free. Many law firms have limited funds for marketing and may not be able to create professionally recorded videos or purchase the proper equipment and materials to use videos appropriately. Some law firms may look to hire professional videographers, and this could be quite expensive. Hiring a professional to make videos often includes payment for sound booths, equipment, spokespeople, lighting, backdrop, props, and expensive editing and revising.

Digital Marketing Next Steps
Videos are a great way to create fresh content for your law firm's website without spending a lot of money. You can conduct interviews with staff members, explain a recent case in which you were successful, or provide potential clients with tips for handling accidents. Consider how you can incorporate video into your digital marketing plan by creating a strategy that complements your already existing content.

Pros And Cons Of Video As A Marketing Tool
Annette Choti, Esq. graduated from law school 20 years ago, and is the Founder of Law Quill, a legal digital marketing agency focused on small and solo law firms. Annette wrote the bestselling book Click Magnet: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide For Law Firms, and hosts the podcast Legal Marketing Lounge. She is a sought-after keynote and CLE speaker throughout the United States and Canada. Annette used to do theatre and professional comedy, which is not so different from the legal field if we are all being honest. Annette can be found on LinkedIn or at at