Top 10 Biglaw Firm Is Conducting 'Merits-Based' Reviews That Have Resulted In Job Cuts

Top 10 Biglaw Firm Is Conducting 'Merits-Based' Reviews That Have Resulted In Job Cuts<br />
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Apr 2023

Top 10 Biglaw Firm Is Conducting 'Merits-Based' Reviews That Have Resulted In Job Cuts
Springtime is upon us, and Biglaw firms seem to be doing their fair share of spring cleaning -- i.e., conducting "performance reviews" that result in out-of-work associates. If that sounds like these firms are performing stealth layoffs, you may be right on the money based on past precedent.

One of the latest firms to make cuts is Ropes & Gray, which recently rose two places to No. 10 in the Am Law 100 by bringing in $2.718 billion gross revenue in 2022. (On the other hand, thanks to its successful recruitment strategies, the firm's lawyer head count increased by 8.7%, which in turn caused its revenue per lawyer to drop by 6.5%.)

According to numerous message boards, Ropes recently made some attempts to slim down its associate ranks. The American Lawyer has the details:

[T]he firm said on Wednesday that any cuts result from a performance evaluation. The firm's statement follows a Big Law trend this year of firms quietly making cuts through the review process.

"The quarterly performance management process is a part of the normal course [of] our business operations. We continue to use our same merits-based evaluation process," the firm said in a statement provided by a spokesperson.

But how can you tell the difference between a stealth layoff and a genuine review-based termination these days? Industry experts say the line has become "increasingly blurry" in recent weeks. "All firms are engaged in a sort of rightsizing," a consultant familiar with the New York market told Am Law. "Everyone is engaging in some process of looking at head count and so [using] these aggressive reviews."

Best of luck to those who are being let go from Ropes & Gray.

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In Response to Layoff Chatter, Ropes & Gray Cites 'Merits-Based Evaluation Process' [American Lawyer]

Top 10 Biglaw Firm Is Conducting 'Merits-Based' Reviews That Have Resulted In Job Cuts
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